Just got my “my beauty diary” a.k.a. 我的美麗日記 sheet face masks in the mail today❤ I just adore this brand, because they make everything so cute and I especially like the way they incorporate sweets into the different masks (for example I bought the earl grey & macaroon set, which is for whitening and glowing). It really does smell like earl grey and I ❤ it!!! Especially for a tea-freak like me :P Unfortunately they don’t sell this particular “scent” at the local Don Qui so I’ll have to order them again if I want to use it after I run out. But, they did have the mixed berry and sakura sets so I’m definitely gonna go get those!

These masks are super moist and gentle on the skin. Packed with moisturizer, when you put it on everything feels 10 degrees cooler! The box is super heavy too which shows just how much moisturizer is in each mask :P No wonder a bunch of Chinese famous people endorse it! This is a must-have in your beauty regiment!

This post is posted on 火曜日 2 8月 2011.
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